Eric and I met digitally three years ago. Rowing is what brought us together. He was looking to improve his competitive rowing career and I guided him down a challenging path that required extreme determination on his behalf. Eric’s work ethic is outstanding and his physical capacity has attained elite level. There is not a shimmer of doubt in my mind that Eric is capable of the same success no matter which challenge he chooses to tackle.

Xeno Muller, Coach, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist

Even as a twelve year old, there was something very likable and earnest about Eric. Eric has spent eighteen years coming to camp, eventually completing our sixteen year old full summer leadership program and then becoming a counselor for us. Having had seven full summers to watch him closely on staff, I can say that Eric has been a counselor who is tireless in his workhis care is unparalleledhe is humble, and always working to be better. Eric rests on a strong moral and educational foundation that I’ve had the pleasure to see developing for many years.

Wes BeVier, Director of Camp Eagle Wing