[2/23] Abstract: A Cost-Effective Unified Data Platform for Small Organizations


A modern cloud-based unified data platform would centralize a small organization’s raw data leading to faster insights and improved business intelligence (BI) capabilities. A legacy infrastructure provides part of the solution, but the main benefits are lost if they do not control their raw data. We propose a resolution to this problem by centralizing their data within a data warehouse. Data is extracted, transformed, and loaded from their sources into a data warehouse on the cloud. This solution allows them to powerfully interact with their data by swapping in and out new software, frameworks, visualization, and BI platforms. The proposed data stack utilizes cloud infrastructure and open-source technology to optimize performance, security, and cost.


This post is part of a 23 part mini-series about implementing a cost-effective modern data infrastructure for a small organization. This is a small part of a whitepaper that will be released at the end of this series.

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